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The November Project

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Signed Copy / Limited Edition


The November Project: Around Austin

This photographic adventure, undertaken during the month of November 2004, involved simply placing a roll of film in a camera on the first day of the month, going out each day, rain or shine, inspired or uninspired, and making one exposure. That is to say, one click of the shutter per day. At the end of the month, develop the film, and make prints. 

The project pretty much unfolded according to this script. 

Such an endeavor is not going to produce 30 masterpieces. Correspondingly, the strength of the series lies in the entirety and narrative of the 30 images, presented in the order they were exposed, rather than the impact any singular image. 

Each day I was presented with an entire city and the task of choosing one person, place, or thing therein to photograph -- all in all, a rather mind boggling prospect. To make the task easier, the possibilities were narrowed by roughly breaking down the month into four weekly categories which I leave to the viewer´s to deduce if so inclined.

All 30 photographs were taken using a tripod bearing a Leica M6 35mm rangefinder camera using a variety of lenses and exposed onto Ilford Pan-F film. The photographs were cropped as necessary in order to be presented in consistent square format.

This was my first book of photography. Limited to 20 copies.

Only 4 remaining.


80 pages / 30 photographs

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