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FAIR WITNESS: Street Photography for the 21st Century

A book of traditional black & white street photography created with the encouragement and support of photography greats Eli Reed, Mary Ellen Mark, and Elliott Erwitt, too name a few...

"There is a grand tradition [of street photography] and Dave has upped the ante. When I think about Gary Winogrand or Lee Friedlander and the kind of things they did, it’s like that, Dave’s stuff is, but it’s more today." -- Eli Reed

"You have a great eye and are a really fine street photographer. I especially like the ones that have humor -- because you have a wonderful sense of humor and you're able to express that in your photographs." -- Mary Ellen Mark

"Dave continues to enhance the vanishing art of observation in street photography. His steady eye is evident in his FAIR WITNESS book which deserves the support and special appreciation of all photographers." -- Elliott Erwitt


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156 pages / 70 photographs
Published by Damiani Editore (Italy)

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