Brave New America

It’s springtime in authoritarian America. The homeless have vanished from the country’s streets, traditional news outlets are under threat, education is being gutted, the Internet has been co-opted to serve the government’s purposes, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s new mandate is to suppress dissent of its own citizenry. Against this ever darkening backdrop, an idealistic college student, Andy, recoils from the sudden disappearance of his girlfriend and begins to ask troubling questions. His questions lead him to Subserve, a shadowy Internet organization which appears to offer a way to secretly resist. But it is a trap. Subserve is wide dragnet cast by DHS to lure and then make disappear millennials who question or dissent against governmental power. Andy asks a few too many questions of a DHS agent and his intended disappearance turns into something else. One young person is lost. One of many. What does this foretell for America?

Run Time: 10:33

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