The LOOK At Me Project

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My name is David Lykes Keenan and I am a full-time fine-art photographer based in Austin, Texas and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. LOOK At Me is an ongoing project of roughly three years. To date, I have photographed over 130 young men most of whom I have met randomly on the street, subway, in coffee shops, and so forth.

Project Statement

LOOK At Me is a collection of portraits of young men who agreed to be photographed. I asked them to arrive unprepared, to sit three feet in front of a 50mm lens, to think silently about something with an emotional charge for them, and then to beam that out to me entirely through their eyes.

Each young man's portrait is intentionally similar, taken in a public place using available light, each face being composed to one side of the frame while the other side breathes within the surrounding environment. In this way, a stylistic conformity brings all of the young men together.

But in reality, as each face disappears into the next, the young men diverge radically with each broadcasting their own urgency, immediacy, and place within the universe. The young men are chosen for a boyish look and a projection of openness and vulnerability.

While this is a true collaboration of subject and photographer, it is also a personal journey. With each portrait, I absorb youthfulness and explore aging, identity, and lost opportunity.

How It Works

If I asked to photograph you, I would like to meet at a mutually agreeable time. LOOK At Me portraits can be taken just about anywhere, inside or out. We'll meet in a public place, like a coffee shop or park, usually in the afternoon. No special preparation on your part is required -- I prefer that you arrive just as you would happen to be on that day.

A LOOK At Me photo portrait session takes from one to two hours, maybe longer if we're on a roll. I have had a rule from the beginning not to financially compensate my LOOK At Me subjects but coffee and/or lunch is on me while we work when time appropriate. Once we're finished, I'm happy give you a few selected pictures for your Facebook page, etc., and make a print or two for you.

With future gallery shows in mind, I may also ask you to sit for a one minute video portrait taken in the exactly same style. I envision a video installation of moving portraits to be displayed along with the prints of the still photographs.

To participate, please call or text me at 512-797-6389, or send an e-mail to

I am confident that this will be a positive and enjoyable experience for you. Thanks for your consideration.

The Treasure Box Collection

I have created a limited edition set of small wooden boxes each containing 33 fine-art prints. I call these the Treasure Box Collection. There are current three unique boxes. These will be available for purchase soon from the photo-eye bookstore in Santa Fe. Preview each box using these links:   Red Box | Blue Box | Green Box

Project Updates

Thirty-two prints from this series were recently shown at Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC (see photo above left) and later in a project space in New York City. Also, as seen in my Published Work gallery, several LOOK At Me portraits have been selected to be part of group shows across the country over the past few years.

I made a few hand-made books in 2011 (see photo on right) and plan to create a comprehensive monograph from the portraits at some future time. As I have shows sone of this work, there has been very encouraging interest from other artists, publications, and galleries.

Much to my delight, one of the hand-made LOOK At Me books was selected as one of 20 from the Indie Photobook Library and was part of the GuatePhoto Libros de fotografia exhibition in Guatemala City during November 7-25, 2012.

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